What is Double Ageing?

Population ageing and building stock ageing are usually tackled as two separate subjects, and each has already received much attention. However, the Hong Kong community at large is less aware that the combined impact of population ageing and building ageing, i.e. “Double Ageing”, is a much more complex issue to address. If not tackled properly and in a timely manner, “Double Ageing” as a socio-economic issue will impact on the sustainable development of Hong Kong, significantly affecting the liveability and resilience of the city.

Why should you join the Social Innovation Regional Forum 2019?

For the first time in Hong Kong, “Double Ageing” has been adopted as the theme of a regional forum. The Social Innovation Regional Forum 2019 will focus on tackling this complex issue from an innovative and collaborative perspective. Participants from the public and private sectors, together with the “third sector”, will take part in this two-day regional event with exhibition, thematic sessions and keynote presentations. It is our firm belief that our society needs to devote more attention and effort on the combine impact of “Double Ageing” and to deal with it effectively. You can be a social innovator to trigger infinite possibilities, turning the “Double Ageing” challenges into opportunities that make Hong Kong a better city.

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